Our Process

What we do and how we do it makes the difference

We are an Augmented Reality company specializing in event-based experiences to enhance and escalate the eventgoers moments while they interact with your brand.

The process in which we make our decisions mitigates risk and ensures the success of your project.

The 1st Call

Simply pick up your phone and give us a call
Getting a general idea of scope, budget, and timeframe
This ensures early on that this is a good fit for both parties

The "Meeting"

The typical mutual NDA documents signed
Agreement on the terms for our discovery process
Establish points of contact for moving forward with the project


Following through on the terms of agreement from the "Meeting"
Focused uncovering of root causes and exploring potential pain points
We clarify and align our goals with yours

Creative Brief

Now armed with the knowledge from Discovery
We are equipped to create a plan of action and solution
Creation of documents with specially crafted solutions meeting your goals


Creating a plan of action, setting project file structures, and issuing milestones
Necessary coordination, scheduling and task assignment among our staff
Gathering of resource files, documentation, and brand assets


Following the schedule put forth in Pre-production
We rapidly ramp up production with various check-ins and updates
Periodically allowing for reviews, feedback and minor revisions if needed


The final step in completion of your project
We distribute the content digitally on the expected platforms
Physical collateral and deliverables are sent to their proper destinations


Often times projects will require various forms of data collection
Perfomance metrics, lead capturing, or even arranging prizes for end-users
Final review and celebrating the success of your project having met it's goals

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